The 3D List: May 16th , Amsterdam Art & Galleries

By: Daniel R. Gould

The last honest person? Last week I asked the 3D List readers to report back if you had NOT bought any work of art during the current season. Manoah K reported that he was "guilty" and would accept his punishment to be removed from the list. 3D will do worse than that as punishment; 3D will KEEP him on the list! But, please, remember, the season really is winding down. There is little time to indulge yourself in an aesthetic addition to your collection; and if you don't yet have one...NOW is the time to begin.




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Museum Review: De Appel does Leidsche Rijn

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On Friday, I crossed paths with a "fellow" gallery bum, Anita. She reported that she had just come from ArtAmsterdam08, "There were very few people there; and I was told that yesterday [Thursday] had been the same. And I didn't see many red dots!" Hmmm, that didn't sound good.

Later, I talked with a gallery owner who was exhibiting. I asked about the crowds? "Not many people, but look at the beautiful weather!" So then I asked, "Have you sold anything?" His reply surprised me, "About eight or nine works. The people who are attending are buyers' as opposed to those who only come to look." But what about the dearth of red dots, "When I sell a piece, I hang another to take its place." Great idea; and very sensible.


So you wanna be an art is your chance at a good start on the road to that end. Frieze (the English art magazine) Writer's Prize 2008. "Frieze magazine writer's award prize is an annual award to discover and promote new art critics." Hmmm, does the world really need more critics? Anyway, win up to 2,000 pounds for a 700 word review. Closing date: 23rd June. Strange, they didn't give a web-site address therefore, for more info, e-mail:


3D has been commenting on the invasion of Chinese artists on the the international scene; and that is has been, like, overnight. This from a book titled, "The Post-American World," by Fareed Zakara: "China today exports more in a single day than it exported in all of 1978." An amazing statistic.


More about China.."The new Terminal 3 at the airport in Beijing is twice the size of the Pentagon." (Washington D.C., USA, and considered the world's biggest office building). Zhu Wenyi, dean of the school of architecture at Tsinghua University, said, "Beijing is a huge experimental site right now. This modern architecture is the identity of modern China." It seems that China is building one structure after another intended for listing in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is now the home of the world's largest shopping mall, 650,000 meters square; the longest sea-crossing bridge, 36 kilometers; the largest hydro-electric dam, the controversial Three Gorge project; and the highest railroad (5,000 meters) and meant to unify Tibet with the "motherland." And, of course, many of these projects---like the main Olympic stadium which is nicknamed the Bird's Nest with its unusual mesh exterior; and Rem Koolhaas spectacular and monumental 234 meters high China Central Television headquarters---are ALL governmental projects. "This is just a start," said Ma Yansong, a 32-year-old architect who studied in the USA, "The last ten years we've had landmark buildings in Beijing and Shanghai. But now the private developers are coming in, and second tier cities want to develop." Was it Mao who said, "The future is in the East?" Stay tuned. (From an article in the Int Herald Tribune, 2nd May, 2008, p. 16 titled, "An airport that mirrors China's grand ambitions.")


Since 3D is an eclectic reader, I often talk to young readers of American literature who have been "overwhelmed" by Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" and asked my opinion. Well, I couldn't finish it. Of course, it is one of those books that should be read when one is in their late teens or early twenties. It is all about discovering "life." I didn't make the effort until into my 40s. I feel my lack of enthusiasm, for the tome, is justified by this observation by Truman Capote ("Breakfast at Tiffany's," "In Cold Blood") who said, about the book, "That it is not writing, that it is typing." Of course, this position can be supported by the fact that Kerouac wrote the short work, in a few weeks, using teletype paper which allowed him to type relentlessly without interrupting the process by the need to insert a new sheet of paper.


What criteria do editors of popular style magazines use in their quest to satisfy the taste of the masses? A former editor of People magazine is purported to have said: Some hard-and-fast rules in selecting subjects and topics for print are: young is better than old; pretty is better than ugly; TV is better than music; music is better than movies; movies are better than sports. So be it.



De Appel offered a FREE bus trip to a new town/suburb of Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn. The highlight, of the event, wasn't so much the art but the architecture of two buildings that are located at the edge of the town---a large field and former farm pasture.

As to form, Stanley Brouwn's building---the artist's first structure to be built---is striking. It consist of two elongated rectangular forms that lie across the other. From above it would look like a big "+" symbol. How functional it is is anyone's guess. However, since it is considered a "temporary exhibition venue" it doesn't really matter. (Now that I write this---and after having read the descriptive material---I must admit, I am confused: Is it a "temporary art venue" or a "temporary building" or both?)


About 100 meters from Brouwn's construction is the Paper Dome designed by a Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban. The basis of the design is Buckminister Fuller's geodestic dome. Its uniqueness is in the fact that the struts, that support the semi circle wall/ceiling, are made from very thick paper like the type that is used for sending posters and in that form only much thicker. There are both strong and rigid. Is it permanent or not? I have no idea. However, one important necessity that is missing are toilets.


A short 200 meter walk away are a grouping of old farm buildings. Two artists are being shown in separate buildings. Michael Stevenson features an installation combining video, graphics and a contraption (machine like). The presentation, on the video, describes the workings of the contraption.


In another building, Simon Starling's slide presentation is interesting for what is unsaid more than anything else. Two men set out in a small skiff (slightly larger than a row boat) across a lake surrounded by mountains. The boat is propelled by a wood-burning steam engine. The wood fuel, for the fire, comes from the continuous dismantling of the boat itself. I assume this is meant to be a metaphor for today's society, that is, we are are consuming that which supports life. The video ends when the boat sinks.


Foot Note: The day-trippers where fed. There were three paper containers---each containing a meat, fish or vegetarian edible(s)---available. The containers were sealed with an adhesive paper strip and each contained a message? Or is it poetry? Judge for yourself. The vegetarian one read: "a house of dust/along a road/using all available lighting/inhabited by very tall people;" the one featuring meat read: "a house of paper/wherever you find it/using natural lighting/inhabited by one man." What do these words mean? 3D has no idea. (I forgot to check out what the one marked "fish" had to say. I was probably to bewildered by the first two to dwell any further into this arcane view of, what, life?)




ArtAmsterdam08...if you didn't go, you'll never KNOW!!!



Melkweg-MediaRoom is a new initiative for the Melkweg. I think this is the second exhibition. Unfortunately, it is a bit disorganized. When I asked for information, like an invitation---on paper---or a piece of paper with the artist(s) name(s) I was told there was none: "Check our web-site." Hey, 3D is lazy. I like the take away makes my job faster, easier and more accurate. Give me a break, already.


But I digress....This was a video presentation, by Kurt D'Haeseleer and Tuk (Guillaume Graux), which in a sense could also be described as "motion photography;" and the pace of the visual imagery is distorted by the sounds. That is, it is like an oscilloscope interpretation of the images programmed to perform a transmutation of the sounds into patterns influenced by the images. Well, you had to see it to understand. The result is like a MTV video clip on speed. You can get off on it; freak out (if your high on something) or just walk out.


It was also like a CD in that there are different selections. One was a figurative representation of an automobile and the space shuttle fragmented into a geometric abstraction; and, again, done to the rhythm of the sounds. The colors are exhilarating and the motion sequences turn into figurative expressionism. And, again, seeing this program under the influence of certain drugs would probably be described as "mind blowing." Even without drugs it was mind blowing.


Also, there are two "telescopes." The type you see at tourist attractions where the focal point is at a distance. You deposit money and get a close-up. In this case, no money is required and what you see is a slide show. As you move the telescope left to right and up to down the view encompasses more subject matter. Cute idea. Until _____?______. www.______?________.


Again, there were no "real" openings last week due to ArtAmsterdam08, but a couple of galleries did hold receptions to compliment their exhibition space at the RAI. gist amsterdam (Veemkade 364) was one of them. It was a group show of about 13 of the gallery's artist. A few works stood out. Kuhn & Klein created a landscape, "Painting a garden in a landscape," using the collage technique. Busy, busy and more busy. Hundreds of small two to maybe ten cms., colorful cut-outs blended together into a scene reminiscent of Bruegel (Older or Younger, take your pick). (100x70 cms., @ 3,050.)


Carolien Stikker has what I think is a unique style. On display are two photographs which are basically monochromatic. In one you can almost perceive an image in the red surface which is in several shades of the color. In another, the imagery is representational: a room with a chair and a doorway. But everything is in orange, Well, almost. Quite effective. (Forgot to check the price list.) In the center, of one room, of the gallery, is something that looks like a colorful meteorite. "Mururoa Mountain" is made of plaster impregnated with ink and pigments. (4,600 euro.) Until ____?____.


At Boekie Woekie (Berenstr. 16) is an Icelanic/Dutch photographer, living in New York, with very unusual print work. The exhibitions title, "Vertical Banners," says it best as to describing the work. The photographer's, Helgi Skuta Heleason, theme is an uncommon one: an airliner crash landing; and its evacuation. There is a series of 10 vertical banners (140x30 cms.) showing a person in different body positions preparing themselves for a crash landing. Actually, it is somewhat difficult to determine the subject matter since the imagery is elongated and compressed; and, add to that, the colors and many symbols that create the forms---ala Lichtenstein, sort of---and you end up with almost a geometric abstraction.


On another wall, there are, again, a series of 10 banners (225x40 cms.). These illustrate the evacuation of a crashed plane. Again, you can perceived the subject matter---with some effort---but it is the colors and abstractions that gets your attention. Each series of these jet ink laser generated prints are in an edition of 10. The small ones sell for 160 euro and the larger ones for 200 euro. Needless to day, very reasonably priced. Until 30th May.


Galerie Rob Koudijs: Room For New Jewellery (Elandsgracht 12) did something completely unexpected to celebrate their first anniversary. They had a one artist "garage sale," or more accurately said, "atelier sale." The artist, Ted Noten, went through his work space and selected things that he had long ago forgotten about. He has brought them for show and with discounts of up to 80% off the original price. Thus, you have a unique opportunity to pick up distinctive pieces that sold for 400 euro and now at 320 euro; sold for 1,660 now 1,120 euro; 2,500 now 1250 euro; 1,000 now at 600 euro. And what do you get. A little of everything: rings, broaches, bracelist, necklaces and, 3D's favorite: A solid clear plastic "purse" filled with rings. A real Dutch sale.

Everything priced to go, go, go...The show will change over the coming weeks (until 14th June).


On the 17th of May there will be a presentation by GRK magazine and a reading by Noten. Weeks three and four will feature the work of five jewelry designers; and the finale will, once again, spotlight Ted Noten'a project for the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. www.galerierobkoudijs.


Galerie utrecht [sic] comes to the big city! I have always appreciated the displays of this gallery's artists at different art fairs over the last few years. They feature representational to hyper-realist style art and artists. Always top quality. They have now opened on the Prinsengracht (572) with the work of a painter and sculptor as the inaugural show.


Maya Kulenovic is from the Balkans and her classical style of painting reflects the course of instruction common to the academies of the region. What you see is the 17th century come alive and meld into contemporary art pleasingly and effortlessly. Her inspirations and influence are two Dutch artist: Rembrandt and Vermeer. And from both she has taken their sense of light and personified it into a very modern interpretation. Most of the work on display are portraits and primarily of young women and tend to be dramatic. (50x40 cms., @ 3,800 euro; 90x90cms., @ 6,500 euro; 180x120 cms., @ 8,600 euro;)


Lotta Blokker does sculptured heads and full body bronze sculptures. The work contrast nicely with Kulenovics paintings because, she too, has a strong classical influence and, again, the expressions---both facial and body---are dramatic. Mostly her subjects project a feeling of angst and, one, "Pieta IV," a full body bronze, has a Christ-like meditation aura (165 cms., high @ 27,500 euros.) The heads range from 4,500 to 6,500 euros. Until 8th June.


ZINGERpresents (Gerard Doustraat 134) exhibits an installation by Sebatian Nebe titled "Die Schwarze Hutte." And its Deja Vu all over again. Sometime during the late 80s I visited a new gallery located in a very small space (3.5 x 5 meters, perhaps) somewhere in the Jordaan. The opening was not especially well attended but it was crowded. Crowded because there was a large house like structure that took up most of the space. Maybe a meter on each of the four sides. It was one of the first shows for Fons Welters. Of course, it was nearly impossible to view the object because you couldn't get any distance from it. This was the case at ZINGERpresents.


A "cabin" has been constructed and painted black. Along one wall is a paintings, again in black,of pines trees to reflect the rustic setting. And while the construction is too large, for the space, it does reflect on the perimeter of the room effectively; after all it is meant as an "installation" and not some ones summer retreat. To appreciate how it blends into the space, you gotta GO see it! Also, included in the show, are five 19th century style photo gravure etching. Each illustrates a cabin much like the one on view. (5x10 cms., to 10x15 cms., Ed. 5; @ ? euro price list available.) Until 21st June.




Reminder: When you see (?) please be warned that the information may not be valid. you are advised to check there web-site or phone. The "*" means the times may not be correct.


WEDNESDAY: 14th May 2008

WEDNESDAY: 14th May 2008


17-19 PuntWG (M. v Bouwdijk Bastiaansestr. 15, WG Terrien). Paul Termos, drawings.


20:00 PuntWG (see above). Impro music, two groups.


THURSDAY: 15th May

THURSDAY: 15th May


20:00 SM Bureau Amsterdam (Rozenstraat 59). Book presentation: "All that is solid melts into air--notes on tourism."


FRIDAY: 16th May

FRIDAY: 16th May


17-21:00 StudioApart (Prisengracht 715). Rah Crawford, "12 Paintings." Plus, this is the launch party for StudioApart's new print and on-line magazine. RSVP:


20:00 Arti et Amicitiae (Rokin 112). "4 Dordtse Disciplines," Jan Asjes Dijk, bronze and wood; Ron Gennisse, lithos; Bas Kloens, paintings; Marco de Nood, photos.


20:00 SmartProjectSpace (Arie Biemondstr 105, WG Terrein). Performance by Andrea Geyer, "Spiral Lands." It is all about American Indians. Location: Cinema 1-lower level. FREE


21:00 W139 (Warmoesstraat 139). Group show, eight artists; paintings and wall painting.


SATURDAY: 17th May

SATURDAY: 17th May


13:00 @ Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and Kerkstraat, "Amsterdammertjer Parade," "50 Kunstenaars bregen een ode aan het Amsterdammertje." On 18th May at 15:00 an auction at De Appel. For more info:


16:00-18:00 Art A Casa (Kerkstraat 411). "'Champagne' met Marie Godest," mixed technique. This is the 10th anniversary since her first showing at this gallery.


16:00 Galerie Lughien (Reestraat 17). Chris Overbecks and Jan Wamaar.

16-18:00 De Witte Voet (Kerkstr. 135). George Nijs, "Vocabularium."


16-19:00 Jaski Art Gallery (Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29). "L'Adieu Impossible: Sculptures Taxidermies: Les Deux Garcons." Well, you gotta admit, this sounds different.


17:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (Withoedenveem 8). Ann Lislegaard, "Science Fiction."


(?)17-19:30 Upstream Gallery (Van Ostadestr. 294). Maartje Korstanje, installation and sculpture.


(?) Motive Gallery (Elandsgracht 10). Tintin Wulia.


17-19:00 Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Elandgracht 34). Douglas White, "Hartrot."


17-19:00 WM Gallery (Elandsgracht 35). "Study of Love-Making," Patricia Ribas.


17:00 Galerie Van Gelder (Planciusstr. 9a). Steel Stillman, "Whether."


17-19:00 SLEWE (Kerkstr. 105). Martin Gerwers.


SUNDAY: 18th May

SUNDAY: 18th May


15:00 Platform21 (Prinses Irensestr. 19). "'Checking Reality' invites you to explore this world in the real world by checking the art works in the Beatrixpark. Films on the video screen CASZuidas and the latest experiments at Platform21."


16:00 Feel Contemporary Art (Frans Halsstr. 40). Work by Eugene Brands from the collection of Galerie Lemaire.


15-18:00 Galerie "S" (Waldeck Piermontlaan 21). Five artist: graphic, piantings, ceramic and sculpture. N.B. At 16:00 "A classical music miniconcert."


TUESDAY: 20th May

TUESDAY: 20th May


19:30 Boven' Auction House (Kerkstr 78A). 19th century and modern art from one owner. See catalog @





20:00 KillerTV (Anatomical Theatre, Waag Building, Nieuwmarket 4). Dance, new media art and poetry." "Young artist are asked to produce a choreography inspired by the theme of dance and mirrored images."


Hey, this is the end of the I'll keep my closing short and sweet...and there goes 3D, out the door and sucking on a sugar cube..Well, a few last minute invites came through and the page got extended. But is there anything left to say? NO, 3D has said it ALL...for this week..bye, bye 'til the next....


Copyright: Daniel R. Gould