Africa inthe picture film festival

The most swinging African film festival in Europe with recent movies, short films, documentaries and debates. This year’s central topic: Leadership.




11th edition | September, 3 – 10th 2008

Main location:

Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis – Westergasfabriekterrein, Pazzanistraat 4 Amsterdam


Festivalfilms are also to be seen in: Amsterdam (No Limit)

Rotterdam (Lantaren/Venster), Den Haag (Filmhuis Den Haag),

Breda (Chassé Cinema), Nijmegen (LUX) en Den Bosch (Verkadefabriek)


From September 3 – 10th the eleventh edition of Africa in the Picture Film Festival takes place. Leadership is the central theme of the festival that shows more than 50 movies produced and made by directors from African origin. New location is Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis at the Westergasfabriekterrein in



Leadership, that’s what its all about in 2008. In the USA the first Afro-American president seems to be approaching and the African continent is also busy with elections. In some countries democratic elections still remain a Utopia and don’t seldom cause civil wars.

Reason for Africa in the Picture to shine a light on leadership all throughout the programme. With 50 icons from past and present on our posters!


FANGAFRIKA by Staycalm! Productions looks at the role of rappers and dj’s on the role of the political process in Burkina Faso and in THE FIGHTING SPIRIT by George Amponsah young people from the Ghanese slums fight their way through boxing matches to a better future.


Opening movie this year is PANMAN, RHYTHM OF THE PALMS, the first independently produced movie from St. Martin. Steelpanplayer Harry Daniel discovers the negative side of his leadership, he wants to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation so badly that the is going to loose his family.

Another big movie this year is the beautifull TERRA SONAMBULA – SLEEPWALKING LAND by Teresa Prata. A magical realistic movie about the sensitive Muidinga in by war destroyed Mozambique. Muidinga finds a journal next to a body. It belongs to Farida who lives on an old ship at sea and is looking for her son. Muidinga is convinced that he is the lost son in the journal. Together with Tuahir, an old storyteller, he is trying to find his mother.


Besides the standard focus with recent productions from Africa and movies from Europe, North- and South America from directors of African origin, the festival also has some special events:


The Road to Obama

The first Afro-American president is on his way: Barack Obama! The whole world is in the spell of this charismatic future world leader, son of a Kenyan migrant. People believe in change again, that’s why we organise a campaign night with the Democrats Abroad Netherlands – in the Netherlands living American delegates and democrats – about the phenomenon Obama. With the special screening of the impressive documentary Chisholm ’72 by Shola Lynch, where the Afro-American teacher Shirley Chisholm, out of nowhere, in 1972 became one of the primaries for presidential election.  


Gay Africa

In Africa homosexuality is still a big taboo, even severely punishable. Monday September the 8th an evening full of movies and debat about the struggles, the loves and the forced silence of black, coloured and Latin gays and lesbians.

The evening includes AFTER NINE (Sechaba Morojele), a groundbreaking miniseries from South Africa that kept millions of people hooked to their television with the secret love affair between China and the sexy Hector.


Angola in the Picture

After 16 years there will finally be parliamentary elections again in Angola on September 6th. The last elections led to a civil war that lasted 27 years. Special attention for Angola on the election day, with the classic SAMBIZANGA by Sarah Maldoror, the powerful film about the Angolese fight for freedom, which was only allowed to be shown in Angola  after the Independence.

African Open Air

From August the 22nd Africa in the Picture organises free Open Air screenings in different city regions in Amsterdam. It starts August the 22nd at Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis, Westergasfabriekterrein with the movie LUMUMBA by Haitan director Raoul Peck. Check the website for other locations and movie descriptions.  


Your Hood in the Picture

Because of the big success this year again Your Hood in the Picture, the filmbattle between the youth of the city regions. In cooperating with AT5 young people make a short film of their own hood, guided by professional filmmakers. The films will be shown at the African Open Air and at AT5.


With thanks to all our sponsors:

Gemeente Amsterdam DMO Kunstenplan 2005-2008 , Stichting DOEN, Hivos/NCDO Cultuurfonds, Filmfonds, SNS Reaal Fonds and other.



Thursday August 21st & Friday August 28th

Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam

Whole program online from August the 15th.


The festival for recent film productions from the African continent or films made by directors of African origin, this year once more an unique range of films from the African continent, North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean.


Two other major topics every year for Africa in the Picture are:

  • Maghreb in the Picture shows a selection of recent films from North Africa, with a combination of an IFTAR meal at sunset with the North African films L’OS DE FER and POUR L’ AMOUR DE DIEU.
  • Homosexuality is still a big taboo in Africa and even severely punishable by a heavy prison sentence, which is why the struggles, the loves and the forced silence are depicted every year in many films and a debat about black, coloured and Latin gays and lesbians at the Gay Africa evening.


In our central topic Leadership, two special evenings about elections:

  • An afro-American president is on his way! The Road to Obama, organised with Democrats Abroad Netherlands, is an evening full films and debate about Obama and the American elections. Special screening of CHISHOLM ’72, about Shirley Chisholm, who in 1972 already stood as candidate for the presidential nomination. Americans living in the Netherlands can register to vote this evening in De Ketelhuis for the upcoming elections.
  • On September 6th, there will be parliamentary elections again in Angola. The last elections led to a civil war which lasted 27 years. Special attention will be paid to Angola at the day of elections at Angola in the Picture, full of political and musical films, with a special screening of the originally forbidden movie SAMBIZANGA.


Other great special events this year:

  • Speaking of… - Special evenings organized in cooperation with various social organizations, these film evenings will highlight a particular country: Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, Cameroon and Ethiopia. With unique movies, debates, readings and even DJ’s!
  • Ladies Night - All evening, Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam will show beautiful films focussed on strong women, female longing, addiction, love and marriage proposals. DJ Babbalicious will end the evening and the 11th showing of the film festival with a great evening of dancing. Take your mother, sister or grandma along and get 1 ticket for free! Men are welcome too, of course.
  • Interactive debate on Kenya - Africa in the Picture will platform an interactive debate about the consequences for the Kenyan youth on the political crises and the new leadership in Kenya, organised by AITP and MFAF. The debate will voice the opinions of the Kenyan youth on the recent crises.
  • Your Hood in the Picture - Film battle between the city regions

For two weeks, youth from different city regions will attend workshops by professional film makers. They will be given professional equipment and go onto the street, in order to show their neighbourhood to the rest of Amsterdam. See the movies at the Open Air screenings, at the battle evening or online at AT5 and Africa in the Picture.

  • Schaduwen over Frans Afrika - The documentary series Schaduwen over Frans Afrika (Shadows over French Africa) investigate the assassinations of three historical African leaders - Patrice Lumumba from Congo, Thomas Sankara from Burkina Faso and Félix Moumié from Cameroon.
  • Also before every movie, as much as possible, interview sessions with the filmmakers! Speak to the filmmaker of FUCK YOU, PAY ME: The Derrick Brothers or THE FIGHTING SPIRIT: George Amponsah.


To kick off the festival, there will Open Air screenings at different city regions:

  • Fri 22 augWesterpark, Bioscoop het Ketelhuis, (Westergasfabriekterrein)
  • Wed 27 aug – Centrum, Nieuwmarkt
    DO THE RIGHT THING – Spike Lee
  • Thurs 28 aug - Oud-West, Kwakersplein
  • Sat 30 aug -  Slotervaart, August Allebéplein
  • Fri 5 sept ,  Bos en Lommer, Podium Mozaiek


Full programma online August 15th



More information at, Bonny Vrielink

Photos downloadable at the website under pers – downloads.