AITP Africa in the picture film festival

The Africa in the picture film festival is taking place at the Ketelhuis Amsterdam, 2-7 November.

On the 2nd of November, Cinema het Ketelhuis will host the 2010 edition of the annual Africa in the Picture (AITP) film festival. In six days, the screen will light up with fifty feature films, documentaries, short films and animators. This makes AITP unique in the Netherlands. After the festival in Amsterdam, a selection from the AITP program will be shown in cinemas all over Holland, such as Movie W in Wageningen, the Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch, Filmfoyer in Tilburg and Filmhuis The Hague.

In 2010, several African nations celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their independence. Africa in the Picture looks back at the changes in African cinema since the wave of independence that flowed through the continent in the 1960s. AITP honours the founding fathers of African cinema by showing the classics that marked the start of African film. The festival shows Mortu Nega by Flora Gomes and Touki Bouki by Djibril Diop Mambety, the film that was restored by the great Martin Scorsese.

The opening night of the festival starts with Moloch Tropical by the critically acclaimed filmmaker Raoul Peck. We witness the last days of a Haitian president, while his country is on the brink of revolution. AITP pays tribute to the career of Raoul Peck with a special retrospective of his best work.

One of the highpoints of the AITP programme is the first Kenian science fiction film ever. Pumzi from director Wanuri Kahui is currently a huge succes in the USA. In The Glorious Exit we follow the story of four brothers who meet at their father's funeral in Nigeria. The brothers have spread all over the world and are forced to face the cultural differences that separate them. At the festival, the four brothers will be present to witness the film together for the first time and share their experiences with the audience.

AITP always features a wide selection of films from the Maghreb countries and the African Diaspora. Local filmmakers from Holland, such as Guilly Koster, Hesdy Lonsdijk, Jeffrey Elmont and Jim Aasgier (Habbekrats), will show their films at AITP.

The annual Gay Africa programme has become an important international stage for films that face political censorship in Africa. Every year, Gay Africa is dedicated to a special theme. This year, it takes an in-depth look at the church and homosexuality. Films like The House of Rainbow from Nigeria and Children of God from The Bahamas research the tensions between religion and homosexuality.

Africa in the Picture is not only about film. AITP also hosts a colourful programme full of African cuisine, debates, Q&A’s and intimate parties. Combined with a selection of the best African cinema has to offer, this makes Africa in the Picture a unique festival concept. The full programme is now available on the more can be found on: website,