Dutch Hotel Classification: a brief explanation



You are going to book a hotel room in the Netherlands. You will, of course, therefore want to know what to expect. To make it easier for you all Dutch hotels use the same system of stars: the Dutch Hotel Classification. The stars are shown on a dark red shield, clearly visible outside by the hotel's entrance.


One star is the minimum, five stars the maximum. On this page you will read examples of facilities associated to each star of the classification. When you see the stars in a travel guide or on a shield you will therefore know immediately what to expect in terms of facilities and services; and therefore also know whether the price is reasonable. This will make it easier to choose a hotel from the large number of hotels in the Netherlands.


The system works as follows. The first star is the basis. Every additional star means that you will find extra facilities and services. In addition, a hotel as of 2 stars needs to earn points with diverse additional facilities and services that depend on the number of stars and the type of hotel. A business hotel for example will tend to offer internet connection, while a family hotel will offer more recreational possibilities. The facilities and services at hotels with more stars are generally a little more luxurious. 


Enjoy a visit to a hotel that suits your needs!



1-star Good, simple hotel with a standard interior. A company may only call itself a hotel if it has at least one star. From all Dutch hotels with a minimum of one star you may expect a hospitable service and a clean environment. What’s more, a hotel always offers breakfast.


Facilities The rooms in hotels with one or more stars always have a bed and the necessary bedlinen, a table with chairs, a wardrobe and a wash basin with hot and cold water and soap. Furthermore, the room can be locked well, there is heating, a window with daylight and a light by the bed. What’s more, in the part accessible to guests there is at least one communal bathroom for every ten rooms.



2-stars Functionally equipped simple to middle range hotel. In this type of hotel drinks are available and you can use a fax. Guests have sufficient privacy for checking in and out.


Facilities The rooms have all the facilities of a 1-star hotel. In addition, at least half the hotel rooms have their own shower and toilet as well as a colour television.


Services Hotels may offer a telephone with an external line, a locker, breakfast in the room, good parking facilities and a shoe polishing service.




A comfortably equipped middle range hotel. There is a separate reception. In the hotel room, too, you will find hotel information on the various services the hotel offers. At your request the luggage will be taken to your room. The bill can be settled in cash but also by switch card or chip card. You do not have to walk up more than two floors to your room.


In the rooms you will find all the facilities of a 1 or 2-star hotel, plus a number of other facilities. All rooms have their own shower and toilet, a writing table with accompanying chair, a telephone with an external line, colour television and radio. Upon request the hotel can arrange a cot. Most rooms are 17 m2 or larger, and rooms are available for non-smokers.


Possible facilities and services that you can find in a 3-star hotel include:  blackout curtains, internet connection, body care products, parking assistant, reception staff, room service for drinks or meals, child minding service and recreational possibilities.



Very comfortably equipped first-class hotel. You can enjoy a drink in a bar with bar service. Room service will bring drinks to your room during the day and in the evenings, as well as evening meals. You can have your clothes cleaned and ironed. Upon request the hotel will provide a computer with internet connection. You do not have to walk up more than one floor to get to your room.


Facilities In the rooms you will find all the facilities of a 1 to 3-star hotel, plus a number of extra facilities. Most rooms are 22 m2 or larger and have blackout curtains allowing guests to sleep during the day. There is a lounge chair for you and your companion, and on the writing table there is some stationery and correspondence paper. Valuable items are stored in a locker in the room or elsewhere in the building. There is an extra socket and internet connection for your own PC or laptop. A hairdryer, luggage rack and minibar (or drinks room service up to 23.00 hours) are also available.


Possible additional services and facilities for 4-star hotels include: adjustable air conditioning in the room, beds that are longer than two metres, broadband internet connection, a wide range of body care products, 24-hour reception service, lunch or dinner, conference rooms, swimming pool, health club or sauna.



A luxurious hotel equipped to a high quality. The reception and caretaker are available 24 hours per day. There is permanent assistance for parking your car, carrying your luggage or arranging your transport. In the bar you will find an international assortment of drinks and there is a restaurant for lunch and dinner. Most rooms are 26 m2 or bigger and there are at least two comfortable suites of 50 m2 or more. There is a minibar and a 24-hour drinks room service available. The hotel accepts a minimum of two types of credit cards.


Facilities In the rooms you will find all the facilities that you would expect of a 1 to 4-star hotel, plus a number of extra facilities. There is, for example, individually adjustable air conditioning in all the rooms. In the bathroom there is a wide range of articles such as body lotion, conditioner and luxurious soap. There are slippers and a bathrobe for every guest.


In 5-star hotels you can expect an even larger range of additional services than you would find at a 4-star hotel. This includes the hotel’s own parking garage, its own shuttle service, the possibility to buy magazines or newspapers, its own hairdressing salon, whirlpool or beauty parlour.