The Magic of Amsterdam

By Marta Ruipérez  


Have you ever feel the pure happiness? I have. Where? In Amsterdam. When? Anytime. Why? Because of the magic of this city. It really gets to you in so many ways.


Looking for a place to live is always a tiring task. You’d hear so many times “sorry, I can’t promise you’ll get the room, there are a lot more people interested” or either “Sorry, the room has just been taken five minutes ago” but in my case, the magic showed up! Right after that horrible sentence I heard: - but…(small pause)… this is my own room…I can give it to you and I’ll live in the living room. Worthless to say that my answer was: SURE! GREAT! DEAL!


Let me tell you another story: I was standing at Leidseplein, waiting to meet some friends, when an old man came up to me, - Hablas español? Of course, I’m Spanish! I should point out that if you look at me, your first guess would be Irish, or Dutch, so it was quite a strange approach of him. – Do you want to work? -Of course, but what kind of job? I replied in a suspicious way – I have a friend with a Spanish restaurant who needs a Spanish waitress. The result of that odd moment is that I’ve been serving tapas since then!  


Going for a job interview is always an awkward feeling. But it fades away if, when you wake up, the sun is shinning (huge plus in The Netherlands), you get on the bike, feel the morning breeze on your way to central station, take the ferry…..taking the ferry, yeah, that´s something! What a special feeling! So close to the water...anyways, you reach the land, bike again until the industrial landscape totally commutes into old cute little Dutch houses, a small port and a gorgeous forest! Helloooo! Wasn’t I in a city? What a great contrast! Biking through the tall trees, thick vegetation, feeling the chill and humidity on my skin, the small green lakes….And then, as it could not be in another way, job interview goes great! Call it Karma, Magic or anything else, but as far as I now, Amsterdam gives me this fulfilling feeling… Full of happiness!


Let’s go even further; this magic also materializes! I was studying at the park when I thought to myself “it would be wonderful to have one of those camping chairs to seat here” and….bang! Next evening I found, not only one, but two of them, on the street! And that wasn’t the first time my desires came true! Same story with my huge mirror, my closet, two big puffs…anything you desire…it’s just on the streets of Amsterdam, waiting for you! Jeje J


Be yourself! Express yourself! No bad looks in Amsterdam, no disapproval grins! Actually, there is a hot complicity between everybody. We look at each other, smile, and think “I know what’s in your mind” J We talk to each other, just for the pleasure of it. Say good morning to strangers, sing on your bike, just ENJOY LIFE! It’s a contagious feeling. Let’s all get infected!


Is there Anything sexier than a biking woman on a short skirt? Anything cuter that babies on their bike seats?


The Sun: It’s not very common here, but when it shows up… it creates an explosion of life!! Buen rollito!! Everybody gets on the street! Smiles everywhere!



I’m a city girl who fell in love with Amsterdam five summers ago. I told to myself I had to live here! And…here I am! Every moment I spend in Amsterdam, I keep falling in love with this city even more! It is just….MAGIC! J