The 3D list November 15

By Daniel R. Gould


3D List, Week #12 (2007-2008)
Last Sunday, I ventured outside of Amsterdam. In all honesty I avoid these excursions into the Dutch hinterland. But I had been invited to an opening and someone was driving and, well, I went. The gallery was located in a real "dorp." There was money in the past because the houses were big. And the one that housed the gallery was much bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside. There were 13 artist showing for this exhibition and I counted over 75 works by them; there were also more works by other artists including several pieces by Eugene Brands.
I often see advertisements in Dutch art magazines for galleries located in small towns. I always wonder about how well they sell?
This exhibition was very well attended. There was work on three separate
floors and the first time I went through the space it was too crowded to see
much of the art. So, once the place began to thin out I made another tour. I
was shocked that I counted only three red dots and one green dot (optioned)
and the total selling price came to only 1,650 euros. Not good.
I have no idea if this is a reflection on current economic nervousness or
that small town galleries don't sell.
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What Is Happening This Week:
The Affordable Art Fair ended last Sunday. While I have not talked with
enough gallery holders to give a definitive report, this is a short summary
of a few comments. There was always a crowd of people. However, this might
have had to do with the fact that the aisles were narrow and the booths
where the galleries showed were rather confined. But with that said, on
Sunday, the final day, the hours were extended because there was a line of
people waiting to get in. As to selling, well some galleries seem to have
done better than other. A Barcelona gallery sold about ten paintings and a
few galleries told me that they sold small and in expensive works while the
more expensive pieces stayed unsold. Also, the crowd was young with an
average age of between 30-40 years old. That is a good sign. A good sign
because it shows that many people are afraid to attend art fairs and
galleries for fear that they cannot afford to buy art. Of course, this is
one of the reasons that the 3D List does mention prices so that people know
that the range in prices is very wide. Overall, I think we can expect the
AAF will return next year.
This from an article titled, "Art as a target for vandals: The cost of
freedom," Int Herald Tribune (17th November, p 20). "...a woman, an
artist...who left a lip-stick stained kissed on a white painting by Cy
Twombly, saying that she thought it had improved the picture. Last week
[Sam] Rindy's lawyer told the court in Marseille that she have been overcome
with passion...The lawyer for the picture's owner responded, 'In love, there
need to be two consenting people.' Touch×™."
Photographers BEWARE: This from Rob M., a photographer. There is a new scam
directed at would be professional photographers. For more info see this
I am now reading Michael Dibdin's whodunit "Back To Bologna." This is a
series with the main protagonist being one Aurelio Zen, an Italian
detective. Dibdin raises the detective genre to literary heights; and with
each new Zen' instalment that level gets higher (there have been over ten). 
Anyway, he makes this observation: "...we now live not in a consumerist but
a post-consumerist society. Our actual needs have been satisfied, we no
longer consume products but process. Thus film footage---the photographic
record of actual persons, places and times---is increasingly little more
than crude raw material to be transformed by computerized post-production
techniques. Ugo had quoted Walter Pater's remark that all art aspires to the
condition of music, adding that nowadays all art, including music, aspires
to the condition of video games." Something top think about; and especially
if you call yourself an artist.
A new service for people in media. "OpenMute is developing an open source,
online distribution system for independent media. The aim is to provide a
platform that connect them with local outlets and events...the network
distributes the following media products: video, magazines, books, comics,
posters, flyers and music. It will also be possible to arrange your own
event or film screening through the network." More info: <> ;
More about that long, long word...antidisestablishmentarianism. Well, it
finally occurred to me that "anti" is a prefix and therefore I was probably
looking in the wrong place in the dictionary. I tried
"disestablishmentarianism" and sure enough, there it was. And it means:
"Adherence to or advocacy of the principle of disestablish." Well, yes, I looked up "disestablish: to deprive a church of the status and
privileges of an established church," and then you add "anti" to all that
and I guess it all make some sort of sense...maybe.
Perhaps you have seen the film classic "Sunset Boulevard" starring Gloria
Swanson. The great Austrian director Erich von Stroheim played her former
husband who was not her butler. He was nominated for an =Academy Award as
Best Supporting Actor. The film was directed by Billy Wilder, also Austrian
born. Wilder commented to Von Stroheim on the occasion: "Can you imagine
that I am directing you! You were always ten years ahead of your time." To
which Von Stroheim replied, "Twenty!" That's what's called Austrian
The design gallery, The Frozen Fountain (Prinsengracht 645), has published a
limited edition photographic album for the work of Jannes Linders. There are
eight photos and much of the subject matter is eastern European cityscapes.
He says of his work, "I like to see that there are traces of life in my
photos, but that doesn't necessarily mean people."
The edition is small, only seven and measures 47x32. It comes in a slip-case
box handmade by Pau Groenendijk; the graphic design is by Rene Knip. The
linear notes are by Laura Starink and Mari×™tte Haveman. The price: 3,500
euro. <>
Jan Bass showed at Galerie Clement (Prisnegracht 843). He paints bold
abstracts using strong an assertive blues, reds and yellows. The
abstractions basically simple forms and /or composition but the
juxtaposition creates the intensity. (30x30 cms @ 850 euro; 80x70 cms @
1,950 euros; 120x150 cms @ 3,900 euro.
Suzanne Hartmans exhibited on the first floor space of the gallery. She
makes objects and reliefs. There are composed of simple linear construction
pieces. There are elements of Jan Schoonhoven, Frank Stella and Sol LeWitt.
The latter she names as her favourite artists. Her over all style is
conceptual continuity, that is she repeats certain patterns and ideas over
and over but every time in an individualistic way. Nice work. (250-1,100
euro.) Until 8th December.
Jaski Art Gallery hung the work of Karin Hoogesteger under the title,
"Bare." As you enter the gallery and directly to the left is a large canvas
(150x150 cms, 3,000 euro) that is both mysterious and haunting. It is a b/w/
portrait of a woman, in pencil and cont×™, and looks like it could be an
enlarged still from Hitchcock's film "The Birds." There is a series of
portraits of young girls all seemingly at sleep; also b/w. On the back wall
of the gallery is an oversized canvas (about two by three meters) of a young
girl surrounded by perhaps 100 white rats. The composition comes together
with the exaggerated red color of the girl's eyes and finger nail polish and
the eyes of the rats. There is something dramatic about it. (5,500 euro.) 
25th November.) <>
At Galerie 25 Limited there was a group show. Florette Dijkstra's pencil
drawings are beautiful figurative works with a mild cubist slant. The people
pictured are anonymous either because we see them from the back or there is
little facial detail. (445-1,420 euros.)
Carlijn Mens has large charcoal monochromic drawings on display. One is
190x200 cms; and another is at 230x190 cms and the black surface is
interrupted by a white stripe down the center. Unfortunately, where it
hangs---in a short hallway---there is not space to get any distance. In
fact, there is only one meter between the two walls. Pity. (3,500 euros.)
At the right wall, as you enter the space, there are 10 posters (150x90
cms). This is a joint effort and considered a drawings and typographic
experiment. Albert van der Weide made the drawings and Alex de Vries added
the typography. The edition is five and the price for all ten is only 1,000
euro. In addition, Van der Weide hangs a few strange and weird sketches,
but, hey, I liked them. (700 euro.) Until 15th December.
<> ; e-mail:
Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni, obviously an Italian, hung work at Steletman
Galleries (Prinsengracht 799). There is a little of everything: paintings,
mixed media, pencil drawings and monotype prints. If you don't know his
works think classical Italian Renaissance with a touch of the weird added.
The weird parts are the snakes, dragons and devils with three or four meter
tails. If you like horses, knights in shining armour and snakes this is for
you. (Studies: 780-1,200 euro; oils: 3,300 to 14,000 euros.) Until 7th
January. <> ; e-mail:
Galerie bart (Bloemgracht 2) exhibited the work of Rineke Engwerda. If you
like bunny rabbits, you'll see much to appreciate. There are two small
bronze bunnies at 1,000 euro.
I describe her paintings as fun work. There are combinations of styles. One
painting looks like a Disney film cell against an impressionistic landscape.
Another is very busy. It is a colored painting of a street scene and, at the
top part of the work, there is a portrait, in b/w, of a young girl, at rest,
against a floral wall paper like design and in the lower right a white
rabbit. The title? "Alice in Reality." What else?
Other work features the representational against a linear abstraction plus,
again, the white rabbit. Then there are a couple paintings of full body
portraits. Nothing added. (80x40 cms @ 1,600 euros; 50x150 cms @ 4,000
euros.) Until 15th December.
Ellen de Bruijn Projects presented a group show. Karina Bisch hung a
Malevitch like painting with Hebrew letters superimposed over the almost
monochromic piece. She also displayed a kelly green construction piece that
incorporates all the basic symbols: circles, triangle, and rectangles. Also,
standing about 175 cms high is an object that, again, combines common
symbols; it is in b/w and yellow.
Cl×™ment Rodzielski has taken a fashion magazine and made geometric cuts to
the cover and the first few pages. But you don't know this unless you
touch...and your not suppose to touch...what to do? Another piece of his is
a geometric abstraction in an array of colors, unusual forms and
configurations. Nice.
Vier5 painted an oddly shaped heart into the corner of the wall. They also
mounted a triangular mirror that hangs on the wall.
Gyan Panchal work is very simple. He took a swatch of industrial like
material cut it into a square shape and left a few straggly pieces and hung
it on the wall. Conceptual minimalism. Until 24th November. <> ;
Again, (?) signifies that the information may be WRONG. Hey, not my fault!
The "*" means that the time may also be incorrect. You are advised to phone
ahead or check out the web-site. I should note that I often try to perform
this task for you, however many web-sites are not up to date.
THURSDAY: 15th November 2007
THURSDAY: 15th November 2007
17:30 FOAM (Keizersgracht 609). "Doride/Umltramarine" photos by Maura Biava
and Elspeth Diederix. There is also pre-publication books available, in an
edition of 25, for Diederix, "White Flower Still Life" and "Doride, Falling"
by Maura Biava. More info: <> ; and <>
17:30 Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy (Oostelijke Handleskade 34). "Be Like
Rudy Fuchs*: Make Your Own Expo." Curator: Ritsaert ten Cate.
FRIDAY: 16th November
FRIDAY: 16th November
De Appel (Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10). Richard Hawkins "Of Two Minds,
Simultaneously." The first European retrospective for Hawkins (USA).
Paintings, sculptures, objects and ceramics. Also, make note, Hawkins will
give a reading at De Ateliers (Stadhouderskade 86) on the 20th of November.
Reservations at:
17-19:00 Oranjekerk (corner Sarphatipark and vd Helststraat). As a follow
up to De Pijp's Open Ateliers every two weeks two artists, who participated,
will have a show. This week it is Meta Joanknecht, ceramics, and Mecky vd
Brink, jewelry.
SATURDAY: 17th November
SATURDAY: 17th November
The Stedelijk Museum will show at Docking Stations Josef Strau (Vienne)
"voices and Substitutes." "A cult figure in Germany...He has experimented
variously with the social roles of galleriest, curators, writer, musician
and artist." No opening.
(?)15:00* Artline (Bloemgreacht 65). A group show of 20 abstract artist
from the period 1970-1999.
16:-18:00 Witte Voet (Kerkstraat 135). Anne-Marie van Sprang, porselein.
Opening words by Cor Blok. Also, on Sunday the 18th of November, she will
open a show at the Princesshoef, Leeuwarden at 15:00.
16:-18:00 AYACS (Keizersgracht 166). "Embrace the distance," Lydia
Lambrechts, paintings. <>
16-18:00* De Praktijk (Lauriergracht 96). On source titles this show
"Grande finale," however someone told me that the gallery holder denies that
this is his last show, but that he will "close" for a period of time.
Anyway, it is a group show of artist of the gallery.
17-19:00 SM Bureau Amsterdam (Rozenstraat 59). Rosa Barba, "Center of
Fringes," three film installations from a stay in the Mojave Desert (USA).
17:30 Boven Gallery (Kerkstraat 78). Randy van Lingen, paintings and 3D
models. <>
The following galleries are a member of The Lijnbaansgracht Group, The
opening time is: 17-19:00...
Akinci, "Unforgettable," a group show of ten artists.
The Living Room, A group show.
Lumen Travo, Margret Wibmer
Vous Etes Ici, Pep Llambias. <>
Van wijngaarden Hakkens, Schilte & Porttielje.
17-19:00 Slewe (Kerkstraat 105). Krijn de Koning.
17-19:00 Dubbelbee Galerie (Gerad Doustraat 142). Bastienne Kramer,
sculptures and C.A. Wertheim, paintings.
16-19:00 Platform21 (Prinses Irenestraat 19).. " will remind
you that automotive design can still stake your breath away." The models are
by young Royal art College of London students.
(?)17-19:00* j. Jongma Gallery (Gerad Doustraat 128). "Chromasocial" Lisa
Oppenheim. <>
SUNDAY: 18th November
SUNDAY: 18th November
15-17:00 MLB (Witte de Withstraat 32). Theo Jansens, photos.
16:00 galerie 'EEWAL' Amsterdam (Czaar Peterstraat 153). Iene Ambar
"wandobjecten en baretten."
There you have it! Hey, not many pages this week. That's nice. I do try to
avoid being wordy, but sometimes there is so much happening that it is not
possible. This week there were no museum reviews so that helped.
This weekend is rather busy. I mean there are 15 openings on Saturday alone.
So you had better be in good shape. Remember, too, that the gift giving
season is upon us; an art need not cost an arm and a leg. If you go
EVERYWHERE you will not only see something you like, but also something that
you can afford.
On that note...3D will fade into the sunset and I'll see you on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday at...take your pick...
Copyright: Daniel R. Gould