Cannabis Cup 2007

By Nads
Oh yes, you read it right… There’s actually a cup…for cannabis. And of course, where else should it be held other than in lovely old Amsterdam herself. Now if I were a rich b***, I would’ve bought myself a judges pass and be there right now, but unfortunately, my potted plant doesn’t grow € 200 bills. Ah how much life can suck sometimes.
However, it is now my duty to tell all you unknowing folk what the cannabis cup is all about, how you can become a judge, and some of the history behind it.
The cup is usually held during Thanksgiving (for all you Americans out there), and this year it was between 18 and 22 November, with the ‘victory’ ceremony that’s held in the winning coffeeshop on the 23rd .
The main purpose of the cup is to see which coffeeshop and seed manufacturer has the best products. It’s basically an expo for hemp, seeds and every sort of cannabis product you can think of.
Right, the categories the coffeshops and seed manufacturers compete in are as follows:
-       there’s of course the grand daddy of them all: The Cannabis Cup
-       the Sativa cup
-       Indica
-       Hash
-       Nederhash
-       Product
-       Expo
Now, you’re probably asking yourself: ‘Who the hell had this epiphany of an idea?’
Well, it all started when a man named Steve Hager had to write an article about a certain cannabis ‘farmer’ named Nevil here in Holland, and it turns out, Nevil had a huge mansion solely for the purpose of growing weed. Mr. Hager aptly dubbed this mansion ‘Cannabis Castle’. While Mr. Hager was working on his article about Nevil, he met the founders of the Cultivators Choice (an American seed company). They told him about the totally groovy harvest festivals of the 70’s… and with that, the idea of Amsterdam’s very own Cannabis Cup was born.
Surprisingly, at first the weed magazine High Times didn’t approve of the Cannabis Cup. Branding it a scheme for people to just smoke Cannabis for a week non-stop, and not enjoy the subtle ‘spiritual’ qualities of marijuana (yes, that’s basically the idea for most people, but let’s just keep that between us ok).
During the 7th Cup, the Sensi Seed Bank operated a tour to Nevil’s Cannabis Castle for the first time. This also included a highly entertaining show with a mysterious character named ‘The Phantom’. On this particular year, the Cup became a worldwide media event. An hour long documentary was shown on Tokyo TV, and an article about it was also published in the New York Times Magazine. The Dutch police visited the expo, and were quite impressed with the ‘spiritual’ feel of the event.
During the 8th Cup, the first ever Cannabis Cup wedding was performed during the ceremonies. The 9th Cup marked a turning point for the whole event, since it was the year Europe switched to Euros. The tours to the Cannabis Castle were cancelled, but with the arrival of several Native American celebrities, including John Trudell, it resulted in the most powerfull Cup yet.
Last year we had the 19th Cup with The Greenhouse taking the overall cup and this year it was Barney’s Breakfast Bar with the G-13 Haze.
You can also check out all the winners on the official Cannabis Cup website, or just come to Amsterdam and experience the award-winning weed for yourself!